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At this point, it is a collection of clothes and shoes I have carefully accumulated over 20 years. Some were new when I found them, but most are second-hand from friends/family closets, consignment stores and estate sales.



Fashion is about expression. Expression is making your thoughts and feelings known to those around you; with fashion, you can accomplish expressing yourself without a word. Shopping off the rack during the 'in season' is expressing what the fashion giants want you to express. Be yourself ... "Does fashion dictate you or do YOU DICTATE YOUR OWN EXPRESSION?!" (click photo for better view)

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HatTarget Shades: Random gas station Earrings: One of my oldest and most favorite, and I don’t remember the origin Scarf: Estate Sale Necklace: 2010 Visit to Abu Dhabi, UAE (Antique Shop) PurseTarget Tunic: 2019 Visit to Casablanca, Morocco (MarwaLeggingsAerie, 2020 Sandals: Etsy (Handmade - Greece)

Earrings: Estate Sale Blouse: #sisterclosetfinds JacketGoodwill Pants/Shoes: #sisterclosetfinds

Shades/Sweater@yesstyle Purse: Estate Sale Jacket/Pants@kidoriman_lifestyle Shoes: Genuine leather Adidas on sale for $20! #tjmaxxfinds

ButtonJerry's Artarama BlouseForever 21 (2005) Jean DressUptown Cheapskate Hoodie Vest: #friendclosetfinds Tights: Off Broadway Shoes (2002) Slippers: Handmade - India

ShadesAnn Taylor Earrings: 2015 Visit to Vilnius Jacket: Estate Sale Blouse/Jacket: #tjmaxx Purse: Estate Sale(Wilson Leather) ShortsRoss Shoes: #sisterclosetfinds

Earrings/Bracelet: 2015 Visit to Belarus (Handmade Leather) Necklace: 2015 Visit to Vilnius (Handmade - Leather) Blouse: 2019 Visit to Casablanca, Morocco (H&MJeansGoodwill (BeBe) Shoes: Hand-me-downs 

Mask: Woplagyreat (Amazon) Necklace: 2015 Visit to Vilnius Dress: Fifteen Twenty (Buffalo ExchangeCoat: Town & Country Shop, Inc. (New Orleans - Vintage) Purse: Estate Sale (Nashville, TN) Stockings: Secret Things (Goodwill) Gloves: Estate Sale (Nashville, TN) Bootsbronxshoes

EarringsOKC Museum of Art Necklace: Local Austin Art Fair (2020) SweaterGoodwill (Asos) SkirtUptown Cheapskate Austin (Iris Los Angeles) Shoes: Estate Sale (Austin, TX)

Necklace: Minsk Artists Market JacketThe Showroom, Nashville T-ShirtWalmart Jeans: #sisterclosetfinds Shoes: Consignment Store (Nine WestShades: Random Gas Station Earrings: Instagram (@creamberry_)

Earrings: #sisterclosetfinds Necklace: Belarus - Handmade Amber Blouse: #sisterclosetfinds Bracelet: Belarus - Leather/Amber Skirt: #friendclosetfinds ShoesGoodwill

Hoodie: Urban Society Jeans: #friendclosetfinds Boots: Government Issue Gloves: Etsy

Earrings: #sisterclosetfinds Scarf: 100% silk from Colombia (gift) SweaterUptown Cheapskate Austin 

Pin: #sisterclosetfinds Purse: Estate Sale - Atlanta JacketGoodwill StockingsNine West Shoes: Estate Sale - Austin

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