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The Crane Project

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 Current Crane Count (CCC): 2,029 

I have lived a very secluded life, after some major life changes, and I used the time to reevaluate who am I and what the seclusion was all about. These changes began 3-4 years ago, as my circle of friends slowly began to expand. I am appreciative from the bottom of my heart to every person that has been kind enough to share their best qualities of kindness with me.

However, I still feel that I don't know much about the people around me, even with all of the social media available, I think we are further from each other than ever before. I have wondered if there is a way to cross this canyon of loneliness

that we all live in! ​

I wonder how far my cranes will travel. What if I made 1,000 cranes and they are all were taken by 1,000 people? Say, 500 people keep them and 500 gave them away. Those that were given away -- where did they end up? Who's desk, pocket, book, dashboard or shelf will they sit? I think, I would be thrilled to find out! Maybe, at the same time, I will collect 1,000 cranes from 1,000 people across the city ... or country ... or the globe?! WOW! What an opportunity to send a "Hello" note to a random 1,000 people! The only way to find out is to actually do it, right?

​Please follow this project on Instagram - @cranes_cleo and hashtag your photos using #cranes_cleo. Each crane is numbered and I invite you to follow and share their journeys (ex. #crane700). Look for my crane exchange station at INDIGO SMART CAFE in Austin, Texas. 

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